What to Expect in a New Car When You’re Expecting

You loved your Mini Cooper, you proudly drove your Chevy Spark but suddenly you find yourself in need of a larger, more accommodating vehicle because you’re expecting a baby. The saying “babies change everything” can certainly ring true as it relates to cars as well. What worked for 1 or 2 may no longer work with baby and their necessary gear? Here’s a list of 3 different types of vehicles that fit the bill when it comes to adding your new bundle of joy.

4-Door sedans need not equal boring

While a mid-sized to large sedan may not scream “baby on board”, they can be roomy and even luxurious in their comfort both inside and as it relates to the ride itself. Fuel efficiency, especially in a hybrid can be a real selling point if you’re looking for overall budget enhancers. You can really get a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to this category of fun-to-drive cars. With V6 engine options, the sedans can pack a real punch when it comes to get up and go. Cars in this category can prove very stylish and technically equipped, offering prices that start in the low $20,000s.

Stunning SUV selection

Whether you’re considering a 5-seater compact SUV or pulling out all the stops with 3rd row seating and massive cargo space, the choice is yours. SUVs come in every shape and size so the sky’s the limit in this category. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for superb fuel economy, maneuverability, power, or a good deal, you can pick and choose with the extensive collection of SUVs on the market.

Compact SUVs can offer up some great cost effective savings along with fuel efficiency, while midsize crossovers and full size SUVs provide greater passenger room and cubic inch cargo space. While many offer all-wheel drive, their handling ability still varies. Weighing the pros and cons for your family needs will help point you in the direct of which selection is most desirable.

Joining the minivan club

You swore you’d never drive a minivan if your life depended on it, but now you’re thinking of joining the ranks of proud, card-carrying minivan owners everywhere. If you’ve ever once lifted a car seat (add weight of ever-growing baby) and attempted to carefully heave ho it into its base, you know it can be a muscle-worthy affair. What can turn this situation into a very precarious maneuver in a big hurry is an outwardly opening car door. When the person next to you parks mere inches away, there’s literally no space to properly employ the execution. Enter the sliding door minivan. Never worry about bumping another car with your door as little ones old enough to get out on their own swing wide the door. Control the sliding doors with a touch of a button and you may have just found your new love.

There are as many unique interior configurations in minivans as there are models. With varying storage areas to seat position options, the arrangements have to work for you. Make sure to personally handle the dynamics of stow away seating and storage compartments to get a feel for the ease of adjustability.

Any newer car will have crash-test rated air bags and features, so do your homework once you narrow down your basic needs and budget. Whether you dive straight into the minivan world or prefer a compromise between your pre-baby existence and what lies ahead, there really is a vehicle for every style of living and budget as you welcome a new member to your family.