Two Major Foods that cause tooth decay in children

One of the greatest worry of parents is their children’s health. How much ever care we provide, kids are prone to fall sick quite often. One of the serious but often neglected ailments in kids is tooth decay. Tooth decay causes damage to the structure of the tooth thereby causing pain, infection and even affects kid’s overall growth. This problem can be controlled to a certain extent through proper and regular dental care. Proper brushing and flossing and regular visit to the dentist is essential to check the decay of tooth.

When it comes to the causes of tooth decay, it is not just improper dental care that is the culprit. There are certain food items that can speed up the decay of tooth. Thus we, as parents, should have a good knowledge of the food that causes tooth decay among our kids and try to restrict its consumption. There are mainly two major categories of food items that can create cavities and lead to tooth decay in children. They are sugary food and carbonated drink.

As we all know, one of the most common food that causes tooth decay in children is food rich in sugar like candy, sweets, cakes, ice cream, honey etc. Once these items are consumed, it remains on the surface of the teeth and if not brushed properly will lead to the formation of plaque. This plaque erodes tooth enamel and gradually develops into cavities. Ultimately it leads to the decay of teeth and tooth loss. But natural sugar found in items like milk, fruit etc are not considered harmful. In addition to this, frequent snacking especially junk and less nutritive food can also expose teeth to the danger of decay.

Studies have shown that kids who consume lot of carbonated drinks and other beverages that have less nutritional content in it, is likely to experience tooth decay fast. Excessive consumption of carbonated drink erodes the tooth enamel which in turn leads to cavity formation and eventually nerve infection. Along with carbonated drink, other drinks with added sugar like squash, milkshake, cordials etc are also major culprits. In addition to tooth decay and the resulting problems, such children are also prone to contracting lifestyle diseases like diabetics and osteoporosis in their later life.

We, as adults, know the side effect of consuming sugary and carbonated food and drink. But what about children! Hence, as parents it is our responsibility to see that proper oral hygiene is maintained by our kids. Brushing and flossing should be made a part of their daily routine. Kids should be encouraged to brush twice a day for two minutes. At least till they reach the age of six, it is better to assist them in brushing teeth. There after parents should supervise the brushing pattern of kids once in a while.

Even though it is difficult to reduce sugar consumption by kids, parents should ensure that kids clean their teeth properly after consuming sugary food. Above all, maintaining a well balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and dairy products helps in maintaining a set of pearly white teeth.

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