Tips on Managing New-Mother Stress

The child bed specialists at Bedz R Us aim to give new mothers one less thing to worry about, ensuring your little one a restful night’s sleep from toddler age and beyond. But what can you do to combat the daily stresses and strains of motherhood? Raising a child comes with a mountain of responsibility, but fail to look out for yourself once in a while and this responsibility is in danger of caving in on you.

Injecting a few breathers and ‘me-time’ moments into your routine can make the world of difference to your health and energy – two things your child depends on you for. Try the following tips to make your days more manageable and you will soon start to see a positive change in yourself and in your relationship with your child.

Make time for you

Perhaps the most important relaxation tip of all is to make time for yourself on a regular basis. Practice yoga, curl up with a good book or treat yourself to an extra long soak in the tub. A healthy happy mom will make for a happy child so make an effort, however small, to distance yourself from mothering duties when you can.

Join a mom and tot class

A great way to relax and still involve your child is to join a mother and child class. Mom and tot classes can cover everything from baking and crafts to painting and story time to keep them occupied. Moms can enjoy downtime and have fun with their child in a relaxed atmosphere with other parents with no need for a sitter! Here, nothing needs to revolve around household duties or worrying about food and mess. Instead you can come to a fun and different environment for an hour or two and nothing is required of you other than to let loose and do something creative with your child.

It’s very healthy for mother and child to be out somewhere a little different from home every once in a while. Try and aim to join a class once a week to shake things up a bit.

Plan days out

Lastly, try and plan ahead for days out with your child. It may seem like the majority of plans go out the window when you have young children in tow but planning ahead can be done and is well worth doing when it allows you more time alone or with your partner. If you are planning a day out in the park or zoo for example, lay out yours and your kid’s clothes the night before, save time on an errand by ordering groceries online or write days out on a calendar or fridge memo to ensure dentist and doctor appointments don’t clash with quality family time.