Scorpio Baby Names and Personality Traits

Parents may find knowledge of their baby’s predisposition towards certain personality traits helpful in choosing a fitting name for their child. The typical Scorpio is active, introverted and determined and astrology can help to emphasise their more positive qualities.

Personality Traits of a Scorpio Child

Some Scorpio children have strong personalities and they know what they want and will do their best to get it. The average Scorpio is very loving and loyal to family and friends. Certain Scorpios can be wary of strangers and may develop a trait of keeping their thoughts secret, yet still discover everyone else’s secrets.

Many Scorpio children can be recognised by their directness, strong mental focus, and critical attitude. Some of the other signs may find Scorpio children’s likelihood towards critical behaviour hurtful. Other traits that a Scorpio child may have include incredible willpower, emotional intensity, good intuition, seriousness and pride.

Parenting a Scorpio Child

Many Scorpio children can often bear pain well so parents should be observant for any signs of discomfort. A typical Scorpio child can be vengeful if anyone breaks one of his toys, so parents should encourage them to be more tolerant as typical Scorpio children also enjoy a good fight. Usually the child is introverted, and may need special attention on a regular basis, especially if they have more boisterous older siblings.

The average Scorpio child will be active, quick to learn and intelligent. Scorpio children may develop a curiosity about almost everything, notably anything mysterious or forbidden and will devour books, puzzles and anything that satisfies their inquisitive nature. Parents may have to find a discreet way of guiding their child away from inappropriate subjects. Some Scorpio children get a sense of security from having a private place of their own.


Most Scorpio children will appreciate time with their parents, but may not always feel comfortable discussing personal issues. The solution may be to keep things light and fun ensuring they can let a parent know if something is bothering them. At school the average Scorpio is clever enough to excel in all studies, but often only puts effort into those that interest them. This can sometimes lead to uneven grades though the child is often smart enough to scrape passes in subjects they dislike.

General Scorpio Information

Those born between the 24th October and 22nd November are under the sign of Scorpio. As a water sign, ruled by Pluto (previously Mars) this sign can sometimes be misinterpreted at being distant and cold. The lucky day of the week for Scorpio is said to be Tuesday and famous people sharing this sign and some of their traits include Prince Charles, Marie Antoinette, Charles Manson and Winona Ryder.

Scorpio Baby Boy and Girl Names

Names suggested for Scorpio babies include those associated with the qualities of the sign and the ruling planet Pluto. Russell Grant recommends the following names for this sign:

  • “Armand” is a male name and is Latin for soldier.
  • “Ebony” is of Latin origin and refers to a very dark wood.
  • “Kieran” is Irish Gaelic for black.
  • “Maia” is the name of the Roman Goddess of rebirth and sexuality.
  • “Shiva” is the name of the Hindu deity in charge of destruction
  • “Vita” is a female name and is Latin for life.

Parents expecting a Scorpio baby can use astrology to select a meaningful name and also learn what type of personality the child may have. A natal chart after the birth provides more detail but choosing certain names may bring the child luck by aligning with the more positive traits in their sign. Read Choosing Baby Names by Zodiac Signs for more inspiration for using astrology to name a child.