Great Alternatives to the Classic Baby Shower

Baby showers are a very popular tradition amongst expectant moms, and they can be an intimate and very special affair. Understandably though some moms don’t feel a complete affinity with the idea. It could be that they don’t want to be the center of attention or it might be that they’ve grown tiresome of the conventions of a classic baby shower. But whatever the reason, there are some really great alternatives to the traditional shower that should excite even the most skeptical mom-to-be.

The Post-Baby Shower

Sometimes the experience of pregnancy is overwhelming enough without making it an even bigger deal. And though it may sound sweet, all the pampering and attention expectant moms would get from a baby shower with her girlfriends might just be a little too much given the intensity of situation already. Under these circumstances, a post-baby shower is a fantastic alternative, allowing the parents to celebrate after the baby is born. Generally, post-baby showers occur a couple of weeks after the birth of the child. The mom or both parents can set a window of time during which friends can come and visit them and welcome their new one into the world. With this approach, there is far less pressure on the mother, but she is still able to celebrate the birth of her child with close friends.

The Fortune Telling Shower

If you do a little research, you’ll find hundreds of potential baby shower themes and approaches, many of which go down the same beaten path time after time. A fortune telling baby shower though, is certainly a departure from traditional conventions, whether you believe in the power of Tarot, Clairvoyance and Psychics or not. Of course, every good mom would love to see their child grow to be happy, healthy and successful in whatever path they choose. And according to psychics, you can in fact have a sneak peak into your baby’s future. Online psychics are very popular today, so you won’t even have to bring a stranger into the intimate space of your baby shower party. It’s not for everyone, but it could be perfect for you.

New Birth, New Approach

If you’re happy following the criteria of the traditional baby shower, then the ideas listed here are most likely not for you. If however you are looking to break from convention, and approach a new birth with new ideas, you should relish these.