10 Ways to Foster Your Child’s Creativity

Puzzles are more than a source of entertainment. Playing with puzzles, specifically for young children, helps increase problem solving abilities and reasoning skills. In order to complete it, strategies must be thought out and developed. Puzzles also assist with developing cognitive skills and spatial awareness is fostered, as well. Placing a piece in its proper space necessitates the use of hand and eye coordination, which is developed as a similar action is done over and over until a toddler finds Read more [...]

Fun and Crafty DIY Gift Basket Design With Kids

Every parent enjoys spending some quality time with their children. The thing is, being that kids are always looking for something new and interesting to do, sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge coming up with ways to keep them interested. If you can relate to where we're coming from, you've come to the right article. Our pastime recommendation? How about making some gift baskets? Not only are they a crafty thing that you and your children can do together but once you both are done, it is Read more [...]

Great Alternatives to the Classic Baby Shower

Baby showers are a very popular tradition amongst expectant moms, and they can be an intimate and very special affair. Understandably though some moms don't feel a complete affinity with the idea. It could be that they don't want to be the centre of attention or it might be that they've grown tiresome of the conventions of a classic baby shower. But whatever the reason, there are some really great alternatives to the traditional shower that should excite even the most skeptical mom-to-be.   The Read more [...]

The Truth About Baby Jewellery and why it is Here to Stay

In many ways, the debate surrounding whether or not children should be allowed to wear jewellery has raged for generations. While some consider it to be little more than a expression of style, for example, critics believe that infant jewellery is often used to satisfy the vanity of parents who are inadvertently eroding their youngsters' childhood. Technology and innovation has also played a key role in influencing the debate in recent times, with the development of teething jewellery items that babies Read more [...]

Teaching Your Kids to Swim: An Essential Guide

Swimming is an enjoyable and beneficial skill that someday your child will have the opportunity to learn. In fact, the earlier they start, the more beneficial it will be to them. Before they take the plunge though, there are some very important tips you should know as parent. Here are some of the essentials.   Water Awareness   Introducing your child to water may seem like a simple enough idea. But in fact, the way you approach it is vital for their safety. The very first step Read more [...]

5 Tips for Getting Kids to Eat and Enjoy Healthier Food

Kids need good nutrition in order to grow and develop. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to dislike the foods that are the best for them, making it very hard to ensure that your child is getting a well-balanced diet. Here are 5 of the best tips for getting your kids to eat and enjoy healthier foods. The first way to encourage your kids to eat better at meal time is to set a good example for them. If you don't eat well, but expect them to eat vegetables, they won't take you seriously! Make a Read more [...]

Unique Baby Shower Ideas

A baby shower is a beautiful and heartwarming way to celebrate the birth of your child with friends before the main event. But not everyone wants to subscribe to the formulaic, traditional baby shower. Fortunately, there are plenty of unique alternatives available to mums who don't wish to go down the same well-trodden path. Here are just a few.   Predicting Your Baby's Future   Naturally, we all want the very best for our baby's future. We want them to grow up healthy and strong, Read more [...]

Getting Kids Accustomed to Exercise and Movement

Young children are naturally energetic and playful but as they develop, it is important as a parent to ensure your kids stay active so that they can learn to see fitness and movement as something of great importance to their lives instead of something merely circumstantial. Instilling a love of fitness and general movement in them now will pay off in later life and make for a healthy and happy child while they are growing. Try these handy exercise tips to get your child moving on a daily basis.   Base Read more [...]

Baby Milestones

The infographic is about baby milestones and the development as their babies grow.  This also focuses on the expenses that parents encounter during the first year of their baby’s life and the little things for keepsakes.  This guides new parents on what to expect from their little ones as they reach each milestones uniquely. Most parents opt to get a baby sitter as early as 1 month of their baby’s age and as late as 12 months.  But here they will not miss out what is actually happening Read more [...]

Throwing the Best Star Wars Party for Your Kid

If there is one theme that your kid will love for his or her next birthday party, it’s Star Wars, simply because every kid seems to love it to bits. Therefore, throwing a Star Wars party for your kid on his/her next birthday is something you should definitely consider. The good thing for you is that the arrangements are very simple.From food to decorations, you can try a million things to go along with this party theme. Since this is one of the most popular birthday themes done over and over again, Read more [...]