How Bartering and Bribery Have Turned Me into the Meanest Mom Ever

“But Mom, I promise I will…”
It’s an easy trap to fall into, and I will be the first to admit I am guilty. Pleading for advances on allowance, promises of fufilled tasks and months of indentured servitude, grandiose explanations of why I should loan out money “just this once” is something that happens at least weekly in our household of five children. I’ve been coerced into go karts, prom gowns, fashion dolls, ferrets, and pretty much anything else under the sun. To date I am owed all sorts of services and payback. If I cashed in on promises I would never have to fold laundry or empty the cat litter again.

Cashing in…don’t make me call your father!
Making good on promises is not always easy, but it’s something we value in our family. When I stepped back to look at the bad parenting habit I’d unwillingly developed it became very clear…enough was enough. My bad example has led to a subculture of promises and barters among the children. Jobs have been traded, household chores divied up unevenly, and bribery reigns supreme. My eight year old has become a vicious little loan monger; the only silver lining is that she understands interest rates like a seasoned financial planner.

Breaking the Cycle; The Family Job Bank
Solving this dilemma required determination, creativity, and a thick skin. Closing the “Bank of Mom” was no easy task. I was mean, evil, and dubbed Scroogette when the cash flow trickled up. Enter the family job bank. With never any shortage of tasks to be done on our hobby farm, making a list of jobs available for an hourly rate was a quick task. Everyone has chores to do, but if someone wants extra money for a luxury purchase, they need to earn the funds. No cash advances allowed! We’ve even created timesheets in an effort to teach real life skills and a sense of responsibility to the children. And all those previous loans? Well, I’m still working on cashing in. Meanwhile, I’ve got laundry to fold.

Innovative & Improved Parenting Using Technology

Cell Phone Spy & Monitoring Software For Parenting – Before your teenager brings you to the level of frustration that can harm either of you, come to terms with this new piece of technology and it will not be long before you are one of its admirers.

Innovative Parenting – Monitoring Through Cell Phones

Be it an accident or a deep wish come true, parenthood knocks on the door of every fortunate person. However with it comes great responsibility. And just like ‘Rome was not built in a day’; a responsible moral adult also takes years to make. This process is met by many phases including the most difficult of all- the teenage. The most vulnerable of all ages, the teenage is the determinant period since whatever a person goes through as a young adult affects the rest of his life. So protecting a teenager is both essential and difficult for a parent. And just like technology has brought about easy-way-outs for most of our daily jobs, parenting-aid has also come into play under the cover of the iPhone spy & monitoring software apps.

Teenage- A Time For Exploration

Teenagers are likely to get into trouble, for they are not just out there to go to school but experience the world in which they are growing up. As they enter their practical lives, they understand the importance of a social life and money. And as a part of this exploration process, they get into the wrong contacts often. This leads them to actions that seem harmless and often pleasurable at the time being, but end up ruining or scarring them for lives. The most common ones include getting involved in drugs due to peer pressure, or befriending strangers for the sake of a bigger social circle. And with the help of mobile phones, these communications become way simpler than they once used to be.

21st Century Parenting

Parents are encouraged to use this piece of software for the well-fare of their children. A constant monitoring of the teenager’s mobile phone might come out as a breach of privacy but that is when it will come out, because android spy & monitoring software apps like the provides excellent featuring for maintaining the privacy of its users. Once the spyware app for iPhone has been purchased online, it can be manually installed on the mobile phone used by the child. Considering how well-informed children are today about mobile-usage, it is predictable to catch a spy application icon on the mobile screen. But luckily for the inquisitive parents, the application makes itself disappear at the very moment of its download, so the child may not get any hint about its presence.

General Know-How

A typical procedure to follow data from iPhone spy software is a quick log in to the account made on the website. This will show the parents complete information from their teenager’s mobile set, including what text messages are being sent/received, what contacts are being used to make calls, also the pictures and videos being viewed through that set are updated on the account viewable by the parents. Moreover, the internet history of the smart phone is a part of the updates. So the parents can see all the searched being made on the net, in case they hint towards any sort of pills information, a drug addict is can certainly be predicted. Most companies offer their unique additional features ranging from geographical trackers to remote installation and deactivation of the software. There is a growing competition for its development and users continue to benefit from the daily advancements, and just like mentioned above, parents are the most to benefit here.

The impact moving home has on children

Moving home is a stressful time for the entire family, however, as parents, and with everything else we have going on, how much do we really consider the effect moving home is having on our children. Instead, we make little or no time for them, we moan at them for not helping or for getting in the way, we moan at them for moaning because “it’s not what we need right now”…but what do they need?

Children are pretty simple creatures and as a result feel safe in their familiar and comfortable surroundings. As soon as you discuss with them that they are going to be living in a new home (if they are old enough to understand this) or start packing away your belongings and emptying the house, your child is likely to become upset. It can be overwhelming for children to watch everything they have ever known disappear before their eyes, and if they are young they won’t understand what is happening. If they are older children, they may be worrying about starting a new school and meeting new friends, a child’s biggest desire is to ‘fit in’, and this worrying may cause them to be naughtier or grumpier. There are some things that you can do to help your child as much as possible. Firstly, as hard as it may be with all the stress you are under, try to be patient with your child, give them some of your time and reassurance. Let your child know that while you are moving home, everything else is going to stay the same or as similar as possible, and try to keep to this as much as possible in the following weeks. When you are packing up your home, try to pack your child’s room last so that they still have a place to play that they feel comfortable in and let them keep with them their favorite belonging, whether this be a favorite toy or a comfort blanket. Pack your child a bag to keep with them for the day and include things to keep them occupied, such as toys, books etc, drinks and snacks to fuel them throughout the busy day, and warmer clothes/spare clothes. When you unpack in your new home, unpack your child’s room first and settle them in as quickly as possible. If you are frequent home movers, and have lived in a number of different properties over the years, consider the effect that this is having on your child both in the present and in the future. Children who are moved from home to home have a tendency to not do as well at school, their grades are often lower, furthermore they tend to develop behavioral and emotional problems. Throughout their childhood and into adulthood, they are likely to become unable to form, or even know how to form, healthy and long-term relationships, they will more likely find it difficult to trust and love people and often suffer from abandonment issues. These negative impacts are intensified if your child is naturally of a nervous or timid disposition.

Adults who moved home a lot when they were children are also said to be likely to have less friend and few or no close friends, often because they find it difficult to make friends and allow themselves to become close to someone. Furthermore, they were generally not as happy as most people and sometimes even die at a younger age.

Wherever possible, try to include your child in any decisions that are made when it comes to moving home, make them feel like their opinion and voice counts and help them to not feel powerless.

Two Major Foods that cause tooth decay in children

One of the greatest worry of parents is their children’s health. How much ever care we provide, kids are prone to fall sick quite often. One of the serious but often neglected ailments in kids is tooth decay. Tooth decay causes damage to the structure of the tooth thereby causing pain, infection and even affects kid’s overall growth. This problem can be controlled to a certain extent through proper and regular dental care. Proper brushing and flossing and regular visit to the dentist is essential to check the decay of tooth.

When it comes to the causes of tooth decay, it is not just improper dental care that is the culprit. There are certain food items that can speed up the decay of tooth. Thus we, as parents, should have a good knowledge of the food that causes tooth decay among our kids and try to restrict its consumption. There are mainly two major categories of food items that can create cavities and lead to tooth decay in children. They are sugary food and carbonated drink.

As we all know, one of the most common food that causes tooth decay in children is food rich in sugar like candy, sweets, cakes, ice cream, honey etc. Once these items are consumed, it remains on the surface of the teeth and if not brushed properly will lead to the formation of plaque. This plaque erodes tooth enamel and gradually develops into cavities. Ultimately it leads to the decay of teeth and tooth loss. But natural sugar found in items like milk, fruit etc are not considered harmful. In addition to this, frequent snacking especially junk and less nutritive food can also expose teeth to the danger of decay.

Studies have shown that kids who consume lot of carbonated drinks and other beverages that have less nutritional content in it, is likely to experience tooth decay fast. Excessive consumption of carbonated drink erodes the tooth enamel which in turn leads to cavity formation and eventually nerve infection. Along with carbonated drink, other drinks with added sugar like squash, milkshake, cordials etc are also major culprits. In addition to tooth decay and the resulting problems, such children are also prone to contracting lifestyle diseases like diabetics and osteoporosis in their later life.

We, as adults, know the side effect of consuming sugary and carbonated food and drink. But what about children! Hence, as parents it is our responsibility to see that proper oral hygiene is maintained by our kids. Brushing and flossing should be made a part of their daily routine. Kids should be encouraged to brush twice a day for two minutes. At least till they reach the age of six, it is better to assist them in brushing teeth. There after parents should supervise the brushing pattern of kids once in a while.

Even though it is difficult to reduce sugar consumption by kids, parents should ensure that kids clean their teeth properly after consuming sugary food. Above all, maintaining a well balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and dairy products helps in maintaining a set of pearly white teeth.

Author Bio: Emma Wilson is a guest blogger for Pediatric Dental Centre Pediatric Dental Centre aims to provide dental care facility for infants, children and teens in a friendly environment. They have dental centers in Brandon and Tampa, Florida where they provide specialized service in Pediatric Dentistry. They also provide online appointment fixing service, patient education and are participating providers for most of the major insurance carriers.

5 Fun Mom and Daughter Weekend Activities

While it’s certainly fun to spend time hanging out with the whole family, many mothers also find that they like to set aside special time for each child to get out and do something fun without everyone else around. Whereas sons may be more interested in getting dirty with a rousing round of pick-up football in the backyard or a trip down to the local creek to dig in the mud and find frogs, there are likely activities that mothers and daughters will find more enjoyable. This isn’t to say that girls can’t also be interested in physical pursuits, but whether you’re looking for something girly to do or you both enjoy getting into the great outdoors, here are just a few activities that moms and daughters are sure to find fun when they’re looking for something to do on a weekend.

Mother Painting Picture With Daughter At Home
  1. Vintage shopping. Hitting the mall can get boring after a while, especially when it seems like every store is selling the same stuff. But when you go vintage shopping you have the opportunity to pick up some truly unique finds. And you don’t necessarily have to go shopping for clothing either. You might want to hit up some antique stores in search of items with which your daughter can decorate her room in her own fun, funky, and creative style. Or if you’re not keen on the price tag some antique finds can feature, consider spending a day perusing the wares at yard sales around town for some budget-friendly finds. With a little TLC, previously-owned items can become your new treasure.
  2. Mani-pedi. What girl doesn’t love to decorate her nails? If you and your daughter are looking for a little relaxation but she’s a bit too young for spa treatments like facials, you might want to consider a spa mani-pedi instead. When paired with a nice lunch this can make for a fun and frivolous afternoon out for the girls.
  3. Scrapbooking. Most kids like to get crafty, so if you’re looking for way to create something beautiful and unique with your daughter one weekend, pull out the scrapbooking supplies and get to work designing a custom photo installation for her wall, a few new pages for her personal album, or even some photo frames to place around the house. At the end you’ll have a creative product, as well as a fond memory.
  4. Camping. Not everything you do with your daughter has to be girly (or take place indoors). So if you both love nature, a weekend camping trip close to home could give you an opportunity to bond over fishing, s’mores, or campfire stories. Best of all, you can do it without your ever-present cell phones.
  5. Art classes. Whether you and your daughter enjoy sketching, watercolors, painting pottery, or creating found art, there are all kinds of classes you can take on the weekends as a way to connect and enjoy some time together. You might find a studio that teaches you how to use oil paint or paint your own pottery, for example. Or you could discover a local artist that’s willing to offer private instruction. Your local community center is a good place to start if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for.

How To Teach Your Child Good Dental Habits

Most parents know that having healthy teeth is essential, but many do not know how to properly teach their child to care for his teeth. Fortunately, there is much you can do as a parent to give your child a head start to a lifetime of dental health.


1. Provide healthy food and beverages.

Surprisingly, the health of your child’s teeth may start in the kitchen instead of at the bathroom sink. Most of the foods that contribute to overall poor health are damaging to teeth as well. A balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables will make for a stronger body and stronger teeth.

Sugar is often a precursor to cavities and other oral health problems. Babies should not go to bed with a bottle of milk or formula. The sugars in these beverages will stay on their teeth and cause plaque to form as they sleep. As a child grows older, it is important to limit sugary sodas and candy.

2. Buy the right tools.

Young children just learning to brush their own teeth are often just learning fine motor skills as well. Make sure that your child’s toothbrush has a comfortable handle that is large enough for him to maneuver. To encourage gentle brushing, buy only soft bristles.

Flossing is difficult for small children to master. It is usually not even necessary until the child has teeth that touch one another. There are many flossing tools available that make teeth easier to reach. Purchase one that fits your child’s hand, and be ready to help him as long as he needs it.

Some children enjoy using the disclosure tablets that turn their teeth blue when plaque is present. This helps them know what area needs the most brushing. It also shows them that their efforts produce results when the blue disappears.

3. Make learning fun.

Small children love to play games, and there are ample opportunities as you help them care for their teeth. Sing a song as they brush to encourage them to keep brushing until the song is over. Help them look for “bugs” on their teeth as you brush the back teeth. Modeling is always the best way to teach, so let your child watch you as you brush your teeth and try to imitate you. Affirm his progress as you “check” when he finishes.

4. Employ a professional.

It is essential that your child have a good relationship with his dentist from the beginning. Take him along with you to your own appointment. The dentist can give him a “ride” in the chair or “count” his teeth. This will make him more comfortable when it is time for his own appointment.

Your dentist will probably suggest that your child come for a checkup when he is between two and four years of age. This will typically be non-invasive, but it will give you and your dentist an idea of problem areas when brushing or flossing as well as his general oral health.

Josephine and Ann Brown, a Toronto Dentist and a Scarborough Dentist respectively, are passionate about providing patients with excellent dental care. Their goal is to educate families on oral health.

Tips on Managing New-Mother Stress

The child bed specialists at Bedz R Us aim to give new mothers one less thing to worry about, ensuring your little one a restful night’s sleep from toddler age and beyond. But what can you do to combat the daily stresses and strains of motherhood? Raising a child comes with a mountain of responsibility, but fail to look out for yourself once in a while and this responsibility is in danger of caving in on you.

Injecting a few breathers and ‘me-time’ moments into your routine can make the world of difference to your health and energy – two things your child depends on you for. Try the following tips to make your days more manageable and you will soon start to see a positive change in yourself and in your relationship with your child.

Make time for you

Perhaps the most important relaxation tip of all is to make time for yourself on a regular basis. Practice yoga, curl up with a good book or treat yourself to an extra long soak in the tub. A healthy happy mom will make for a happy child so make an effort, however small, to distance yourself from mothering duties when you can.

Join a mom and tot class

A great way to relax and still involve your child is to join a mother and child class. Mom and tot classes can cover everything from baking and crafts to painting and story time to keep them occupied. Moms can enjoy downtime and have fun with their child in a relaxed atmosphere with other parents with no need for a sitter! Here, nothing needs to revolve around household duties or worrying about food and mess. Instead you can come to a fun and different environment for an hour or two and nothing is required of you other than to let loose and do something creative with your child.

It’s very healthy for mother and child to be out somewhere a little different from home every once in a while. Try and aim to join a class once a week to shake things up a bit.

Plan days out

Lastly, try and plan ahead for days out with your child. It may seem like the majority of plans go out the window when you have young children in tow but planning ahead can be done and is well worth doing when it allows you more time alone or with your partner. If you are planning a day out in the park or zoo for example, lay out yours and your kid’s clothes the night before, save time on an errand by ordering groceries online or write days out on a calendar or fridge memo to ensure dentist and doctor appointments don’t clash with quality family time.

Great Alternatives to the Classic Baby Shower

Baby showers are a very popular tradition amongst expectant moms, and they can be an intimate and very special affair. Understandably though some moms don’t feel a complete affinity with the idea. It could be that they don’t want to be the center of attention or it might be that they’ve grown tiresome of the conventions of a classic baby shower. But whatever the reason, there are some really great alternatives to the traditional shower that should excite even the most skeptical mom-to-be.

The Post-Baby Shower

Sometimes the experience of pregnancy is overwhelming enough without making it an even bigger deal. And though it may sound sweet, all the pampering and attention expectant moms would get from a baby shower with her girlfriends might just be a little too much given the intensity of situation already. Under these circumstances, a post-baby shower is a fantastic alternative, allowing the parents to celebrate after the baby is born. Generally, post-baby showers occur a couple of weeks after the birth of the child. The mom or both parents can set a window of time during which friends can come and visit them and welcome their new one into the world. With this approach, there is far less pressure on the mother, but she is still able to celebrate the birth of her child with close friends.

The Fortune Telling Shower

If you do a little research, you’ll find hundreds of potential baby shower themes and approaches, many of which go down the same beaten path time after time. A fortune telling baby shower though, is certainly a departure from traditional conventions, whether you believe in the power of Tarot, Clairvoyance and Psychics or not. Of course, every good mom would love to see their child grow to be happy, healthy and successful in whatever path they choose. And according to psychics, you can in fact have a sneak peak into your baby’s future. Online psychics are very popular today, so you won’t even have to bring a stranger into the intimate space of your baby shower party. It’s not for everyone, but it could be perfect for you.

New Birth, New Approach

If you’re happy following the criteria of the traditional baby shower, then the ideas listed here are most likely not for you. If however you are looking to break from convention, and approach a new birth with new ideas, you should relish these.

The Best Solutions to 5 Common Health Conditions During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an amazing experience. However, it is often accompanied by some not so amazing side effects. From the uncomfortable to the downright embarrassing, these side effects take a lot of the joy out of motherhood. Here are 5 solutions for common pregnancy ailments to make pregnancy much more enjoyable.

Solution #1: Water Down Constipation

An expanding uterus, rampant hormones and pressure from internal organs create an uncomfortable condition during pregnancy: the inability to poop. Many women may moan when drinking extra water is mentioned as a way to relieve the discomfort of pregnancy constipation. They already feel bloated. However, drinking plenty of plain water is the best, most natural way to get moving again.

Solution #2: Eat Right for Gestational Diabetes

Unfortunately, women may not take gestational diabetes seriously enough until it is a big problem. It seems like such a temporary thing that will go away once the baby is born. While it might do exactly that, during the pregnancy, gestational diabetes can cause many serious complications and hurt your body, and your baby’s development in utero. If possible, lose excess weight prior to getting pregnant. Weight loss cuts the chance of developing gestational diabetes. Talk to your obstetrician or a registered dietician to develop a balanced diet during pregnancy and get plenty of exercise.

Solution #3: Oil Up the Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are simply swollen, pressurized veins in the rectum. They are not necessarily dangerous, but they sure are uncomfortable, especially when you are large with child. Hemorrhoids come on from the pressure of the uterus and the increased blood flow in the pelvic area, although they can also be caused by the strenuous pushing of labor. Whether they occur during pregnancy or during labor, they are painful. A soothing cure for hemorrhoids is H-Hemorrhoids Formula from Healing Natural Oils. It is an all-natural, organic way to shrink those swollen veins and make pregnancy more comfortable.

Solution #4: Moisturize that Itchy Skin

The stomach, palms and soles of the feet are the most common areas that pregnant women experience uncontrollable itching. Caused by hormones, the dryness responds well to moisturizer. To ensure the safety of the moisturizer used, select an unscented formula that does not contain retinoids. If you aren’t sure if the product you are using or considering for purchase has retinoids in it, look for ingredients such as retinyl palmitate, retinol, retinyl linoleate, retinoic acid, retin-A, renova, differin, tazorac or avage.

Solution #5: Freshen Up Morning Sickness

Perhaps the most universal complaint from pregnant women, is the evasive morning sickness: Evasive because it doesn’t necessarily happen just in the morning. Pregnant women experience nausea at all hours of the day or night and for various lengths of time. Women suffering from morning sickness will tell you that it is strongly associated with smells. Even aromas they normally love become nauseating during pregnancy. Strangely enough, aromas can also help conquer the dreaded morning sickness. Mix a spray bottle full of water and a splash of lemon juice. When encountering a smell that turns your pregnant stomach, spray the air around you with the refreshing scent that will mask the problematic smells.

What to Expect in a New Car When You’re Expecting

You loved your Mini Cooper, you proudly drove your Chevy Spark but suddenly you find yourself in need of a larger, more accommodating vehicle because you’re expecting a baby. The saying “babies change everything” can certainly ring true as it relates to cars as well. What worked for 1 or 2 may no longer work with baby and their necessary gear? Here’s a list of 3 different types of vehicles that fit the bill when it comes to adding your new bundle of joy.

4-Door sedans need not equal boring

While a mid-sized to large sedan may not scream “baby on board”, they can be roomy and even luxurious in their comfort both inside and as it relates to the ride itself. Fuel efficiency, especially in a hybrid can be a real selling point if you’re looking for overall budget enhancers. You can really get a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to this category of fun-to-drive cars. With V6 engine options, the sedans can pack a real punch when it comes to get up and go. Cars in this category can prove very stylish and technically equipped, offering prices that start in the low $20,000s.

Stunning SUV selection

Whether you’re considering a 5-seater compact SUV or pulling out all the stops with 3rd row seating and massive cargo space, the choice is yours. SUVs come in every shape and size so the sky’s the limit in this category. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for superb fuel economy, maneuverability, power, or a good deal, you can pick and choose with the extensive collection of SUVs on the market.

Compact SUVs can offer up some great cost effective savings along with fuel efficiency, while midsize crossovers and full size SUVs provide greater passenger room and cubic inch cargo space. While many offer all-wheel drive, their handling ability still varies. Weighing the pros and cons for your family needs will help point you in the direct of which selection is most desirable.

Joining the minivan club

You swore you’d never drive a minivan if your life depended on it, but now you’re thinking of joining the ranks of proud, card-carrying minivan owners everywhere. If you’ve ever once lifted a car seat (add weight of ever-growing baby) and attempted to carefully heave ho it into its base, you know it can be a muscle-worthy affair. What can turn this situation into a very precarious maneuver in a big hurry is an outwardly opening car door. When the person next to you parks mere inches away, there’s literally no space to properly employ the execution. Enter the sliding door minivan. Never worry about bumping another car with your door as little ones old enough to get out on their own swing wide the door. Control the sliding doors with a touch of a button and you may have just found your new love.

There are as many unique interior configurations in minivans as there are models. With varying storage areas to seat position options, the arrangements have to work for you. Make sure to personally handle the dynamics of stow away seating and storage compartments to get a feel for the ease of adjustability.

Any newer car will have crash-test rated air bags and features, so do your homework once you narrow down your basic needs and budget. Whether you dive straight into the minivan world or prefer a compromise between your pre-baby existence and what lies ahead, there really is a vehicle for every style of living and budget as you welcome a new member to your family.