5 Reasons to Install ShieldMyTeen On Your Kids’ Android Phone

Just like the real world, the Internet has a darker side, with teens likely to stray into it. According to New Zealand’s Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff, “Leaving children unsupervised on the internet is like giving them the keys to a Porsche and letting them loose on the motorway”. Fortunately, cell phone monitoring technology is there to save the day by allowing parents to keep tabs on their kids 24/7. Once app in particular, namely ShieldMyTeen, is doing an exceptionally good job of keeping kids protected on Android phone from the many threats freely prowling the cyberspace. This user-friendly parental control has taken digital parenting to a whole new level. Let’s explore the app further to discover what makes it an absolute essential on kids’ phones.

Monitor Digital Footsteps of Kids

ShieldMyTeen makes you feel that you are sitting next to kids while they are surfing the web on their Android phone. It saves the URL of every website they visit to give you an idea of what they really do online. Going through the browsing history of kids is important as it lets you immediately learn if they have been spending time on pornographic or other inappropriate sites. It also lets you know whether your kids are using the Internet for educational purposes, or are simply wasting time online.

Keep Your Kids Safe from Harmful Content

ShieldMyTeen goes the extra mile to ensure that kids never get exposed to any harmful material. It offers category-based blocking that allows you to block every website that falls under a particular category, including pornography, crime, violence, drugs, alcohol, and gambling.

Stop Kids from Wasting Time on Social Media

According to a study conducted by researchers at Baylor University, teens spend 38% of their online time on different social media platforms. In another study published in 2015, it was found that the average time kids spend on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites have increased from 38 minutes to 1.72 hours. Researchers are of the view that our younger generation is getting addicted to the Internet in general, and social media platforms in particular. This is why ShieldMyTeen allows you to block any social networking website you want. You can even use this feature to restrict social networks on their phones for a certain time.

Know Who Kids Talk to and What They Talk About

Teens may not give you nitty-gritty details of everything they do with their friends and other people in their social circle. Still, you can ensure that they are not doing anything reckless by going through all their text messages and MMS. Both these features are equally useful as they let you know about the hidden parts of your kids’ life, the parts they don’t feel comfortable exposing in front of you. This is also an easy way of making sure that your kids are not sharing inappropriate photos of themselves or sexting with anyone.

Keep Kids on the Radar

Ever got that scary feeling that your kids are not safe outside? The first thing you probably do after feeling this way is to call your kids, which can often annoy them, especially if you call them frequently. ShieldMyTeen saves you from all this hassle by keeping you aware of your kid’s location round-the-clock through the GPS coordinates of their phone.