Make up Your Own Baby Boy Name: Create a Unique and Personally Meaningful Name for Baby

Many parents want to name their child something that is personally meaningful, yet also original and unique. Here are some ideas to help parents create new and different names that still have a connection to themselves, family and friends.

Make a New Name by Mixing Names Parents Like

An original name can be created for a boy and still be have a personal connection by combining family members’ names. Parents’ names, grandparents’ names or a favorite cousin, aunt or uncle’s name can be combined to make a new one.

More than two names can be mixed up together and it doesn’t have to be family. If there is a good friend, admired person from scientist to celebrity, then those names can also be used by parents to create their son’s name.

Here is an example of how parents can combine their names to make new names for their baby boy. If the dad’s name is Robert and the mom’s name is Melinda, they can create names such as:

Roel, Romel, Rolin, Melro, Mero, Linro, Linbe


Parents can also take the letters from both names and mix them any way the like to come up with original combinations such as:

Daro, Deo, Relin, Berin, Melor, Miro, Oinde

Experiment With Spellings to Come up With New Name

Parents can also take a name they like and play around with the spelling to see what new names are created. For example, the name Dorian can be spelled the following ways:

Dorean, Doryan, Dorreon, Dorien, D’Oryan

Play Around With Pronunciations to Create Boy’s Name

Another option is to take a name and play with the pronunciation. Put the emphasis on different parts of the names, skip sounds or add in new ones to come up with new creations. For example:

Doh-WREN, Door-YAN, Do-REE-On, Do-RYE-En, Duh-Orion

Create Baby Name by Mixing and Matching Letters

Play around with the placement of syllables and letters to make a new name. So for example, take the name Dorian. Remove the first letter of the name and create: Orian. Then take off the “O” and get the name Rian.

Another option is to add a new letter to the front of a name. So put a vowel in front of Dorian to get the following names:

Adorian, Edorian, Idorian, Odorian, Udorian

Parents can also change a name by taking letters away from the end of a name. With the name Dorian, try taking off the “Ian” and the result is Dor.

Another option is to take the last syllable of the name and bring it to the front of the name. Here are some examples:

Dorian can become Iandor

Samuel can become Uelsam

Donald can become Alddon

Raymond can become Mondray

Combine Two Full Names for New First Name

Take two names that parents like and combine them with a hyphen. Parents can use their names or any other two names they like. If using a traditionally female-associated name, parents may want to change it to a masculine option. For example, Justine can become Justin or Dawn can become Don.

Here are some examples:

Justin-Jack, Marcus-Don, Roy-Alexander, Russell-Joe

Parents can get creative and create their own baby name for their boy. They can do this playing around with pronunciation, spelling and different letter combinations. They can also mix up favorite names to make one name or put two names they like together with a hyphen.

Why You Must Install Air Purifiers in Your Home and Workplace?

Do you think you are safe against polluted air because you are sitting inside your home or office? That’s a big myth because studies reveal that indoor air also contain a variety of airborne substances, which can affect your health. Air pollution is causing many types of health issues. You should be well-prepared to deal with this problem before it affects your or family members’ health.

You should install air purifiers inside your home and workplace to keep the pollutants out of your premise. A high-quality purifier can eliminate maximum airborne contaminants and clean the interior air for breathing.

Don’t take unnecessary risks!

People usually have no idea about how many dangerous gases their homes house. These harmful gases are released from gas stoves, burnt wood, fireplaces, burnt electrical wires, fridge, and other electronic equipment. You inhale all those gases when breathe and excess intake of these gases can cause some serious health issues.

You are taking an unnecessary risk with your good health if you are not finding a way to remove dangerous gases from your house. Install air purifiers in different parts of your home to filter all sorts of air contaminants. A good air purifier can remove allergens and air pollutants to provide you with fresh and health air. There are some more benefits of air purifiers which make them an essential appliance for every home and office.

Benefits of air purifiers:

  • It eliminates triggers for asthma attacks:

The most asthma triggers are found in homes. The chances of asthma attacks will be high if you spend a long time inside your house. Dry skin cells, dust, dirt, household cleaners, carbon monoxide, smoke, and air-freshening agents are some common asthma triggers. Top-end air purifiers are designed to eliminate all the triggers of asthma. Thus, you can sit calmly without worrying about asthma attack.

  • It removes all types of allergens:

Different people are allergic to different things. However, dust, pet fur, pollen, and pet odor are some common allergens. Human body reacts pretty quickly to these allergens and creates allergy antibody. Some people can have severe allergic reactions due to airborne allergens.

Fortunately, air purifiers can get rid of all the common allergens. There will be minimum pet odor, no flying dust particles, and other allergens to cause allergies. You can enjoy your life much better if you don’t experience any kind of allergies. That’s why you must have an air purifier.

  • It traps smoke:

Tobacco smoke can cause lung disease and that’s why cigarette smoking is injurious to health. Even though you are not smoking and inhaling second-hand smoke, it can cause a significant damage to your lungs. Install air purifiers in your premise to trap cigarette smoke and breathe fresh air.

Buying the best air purifier:

The above listed benefits are real and that’s why you may also like to buy and use an air purifier. Go online, find top-rated air purifiers, and pick the best one with the most positive reviews and reliable service.