The Truth About Baby Jewellery and why it is Here to Stay

In many ways, the debate surrounding whether or not children should be allowed to wear jewellery has raged for generations. While some consider it to be little more than a expression of style, for example, critics believe that infant jewellery is often used to satisfy the vanity of parents who are inadvertently eroding their youngsters’ childhood. Technology and innovation has also played a key role in influencing the debate in recent times, with the development of teething jewellery items that babies can chew on to ease their discomfort particularly prominent.

Jewellery for Babies and the Boundaries of Acceptability

These products, which are manufactured and sold through multiple online retailers such as Amber Pumpkin, have also divided opinion among experts. Through verified by some, others have criticised their relevance and even cited them as a potential health hazard. While the latter point has been largely disproved, however, there remains a strong body of opposition of infant jewellery throughout the UK. Even the development of recyclable jewellery with a strong narrative behind it has failed to discourage individuals who are against the fundamental concept of children wearing fashion accessories.

The level of demand for these products suggests that they are facing a losing battle, however, and that attempting to determine the boundaries of acceptability surrounding infant jewellery would represent a far more sensible use of their time. By accepting that this type of jewellery is here to stay and that there are adequate standards in place to ensure that they are safe in the hands of children, each party could move on to discussing more important topics and may even find some common ground in the process.

The Bottom Line and the Future for Infant Jewellery

Although it is easy to see why the application of heavy make-up to children or intrusive procedures such as ear piercing are widely condemned among critics, the idea of babies wearing simplistic items of jewellery that serve a practical purpose hardly warrants the same attention. So long as the parents are acting in the best interests of their child and have taken the necessary precautions to ensure safety, there seems little wrong with allowing an infant to wear the occasional teething bracelet or anklet. The welfare of the child is the most important thing to keep in mind, but the fact remains that people often lose sight of this when debating the validity of infant jewellery.