The Best Christening Gift Ideas for 2014

Whether or not the recent surge in UK consumer spending has been driven heavily by borrowing, it cannot be denied that British citizens are happy to splash the cash in the current economy. This is evident across a range of goods, from fundamental household staples to novelty gifts for friends and family members. In fact, the gift market is particularly strong in the current climate, especially in relation to the procurement of items for babies, toddlers and infant children.

Christening Gift Trends and Ideas for the Year Ahead

There is also a huge range of choice available on the children’s’ gift market, which means that parents and family members can invest their capital into innovative and suitable christening products this year. Let’s take a look at the latest trends and ideas that are distinguishing this market: –

  1. Personalised Photo Frames

Personalisation is one of the key trends in the contemporary market, especially when it comes to deeply personal products that relate to special occasions such as a christening. With this mind, it makes sense that one of the most popular products in 2014 should be a customised photo frame that enables the buyer to add a unique and meaningful message. Whether you are welcoming a baby boy or girl into the world, this gift idea enables you to share your feelings in a way that can stand the true test of time.

  1. The Customised Money Box

In addition to this, it is also possible to buy gift items that serve multiple purposes in the modern market. This is an extremely popular trend, primarily because it allows buyers to invest in viable products that can deliver the optimum value for their hard earned money. A customised money box provides the ideal embodiment of this trend, as it can be adorned with a personal message and also used by parents to help teach their infant children the importance of saving money. The online retailer Shed Load of Gifts even sells these products in multiple colours, meaning that they can serve both male and female markets.

  1. A Luxury Newborn Basket

Occasionally, you may find it difficult to select a definitive gift item to purchase. This is especially true if you are looking to buy for a distant family friend or relative, but fortunately there are diverse options that may help you to negate this potential issue. Some suppliers sell luxury, newborn baskets that contain a multitude of products and gift items, with different goods targeted at both boys and girls. This not only affords you choice as a consumer, but it ensures that you are able to invest in a product that brings joy and happiness to the recipient.