5 Tips for Getting Kids to Eat and Enjoy Healthier Food

Kids need good nutrition in order to grow and develop. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to dislike the foods that are the best for them, making it very hard to ensure that your child is getting a well-balanced diet. Here are 5 of the best tips for getting your kids to eat and enjoy healthier foods. The first way to encourage your kids to eat better at meal time is to set a good example for them. If you don't eat well, but expect them to eat vegetables, they won't take you seriously! Make a Read more [...]

Unique Baby Shower Ideas

A baby shower is a beautiful and heartwarming way to celebrate the birth of your child with friends before the main event. But not everyone wants to subscribe to the formulaic, traditional baby shower. Fortunately, there are plenty of unique alternatives available to mums who don't wish to go down the same well-trodden path. Here are just a few.   Predicting Your Baby's Future   Naturally, we all want the very best for our baby's future. We want them to grow up healthy and strong, Read more [...]

Getting Kids Accustomed to Exercise and Movement

Young children are naturally energetic and playful but as they develop, it is important as a parent to ensure your kids stay active so that they can learn to see fitness and movement as something of great importance to their lives instead of something merely circumstantial. Instilling a love of fitness and general movement in them now will pay off in later life and make for a healthy and happy child while they are growing. Try these handy exercise tips to get your child moving on a daily basis.   Base Read more [...]

DNA Testing For Families: What Should I Know?

There are many reasons why families choose to undergo DNA testing. However, it’s important to consider whether such a test is in the best interests of your child before you decide to undertake one. If you would like to find out more about DNA paternity testing, contact a firm that specializes in this procedure, like Whoz The Daddy. What is DNA Paternity Testing? DNA paternity tests are the most accurate way you can determine whether the supposed father is the biological parent of your child. Read more [...]

Baby Milestones

The infographic is about baby milestones and the development as their babies grow.  This also focuses on the expenses that parents encounter during the first year of their baby’s life and the little things for keepsakes.  This guides new parents on what to expect from their little ones as they reach each milestones uniquely. Most parents opt to get a baby sitter as early as 1 month of their baby’s age and as late as 12 months.  But here they will not miss out what is actually happening Read more [...]

Throwing the Best Star Wars Party for Your Kid

If there is one theme that your kid will love for his or her next birthday party, it’s Star Wars, simply because every kid seems to love it to bits. Therefore, throwing a Star Wars party for your kid on his/her next birthday is something you should definitely consider. The good thing for you is that the arrangements are very simple.From food to decorations, you can try a million things to go along with this party theme. Since this is one of the most popular birthday themes done over and over again, Read more [...]

How To Teach Your Child Good Dental Habits

Most parents know that having healthy teeth is essential, but many do not know how to properly teach their child to care for his teeth. Fortunately, there is much you can do as a parent to give your child a head start to a lifetime of dental health. 1. Provide healthy food and beverages. Surprisingly, the health of your child's teeth may start in the kitchen instead of at the bathroom sink. Most of the foods that contribute to overall poor health are damaging to teeth as well. A balanced diet Read more [...]

Two Major Foods that cause tooth decay in children

 One of the greatest worry of parents is their children’s health. How much ever care we provide, kids are prone to fall sick quite often. One of the serious but often neglected ailments in kids is tooth decay. Tooth decay causes damage to the structure of the tooth thereby causing pain, infection and even affects kid’s overall growth. This problem can be controlled to a certain extent through proper and regular dental care. Proper brushing and flossing and regular visit to the dentist Read more [...]

The impact moving home has on children

Moving home is a stressful time for the entire family, however, as parents, and with everything else we have going on, how much do we really consider the effect moving home is having on our children. Instead, we make little or no time for them, we moan at them for not helping or for getting in the way, we moan at them for moaning because “it’s not what we need right now”…but what do they need? Children are pretty simple creatures and as a result feel safe in their familiar and comfortable Read more [...]

5 Signs of Disordered Eating to Look for in Young Girls

Eating disorders are in the news a great deal, and news sources often highlight the prevalence of this disease in popular young actresses and others in the media spotlight. Fortunately, there are excellent treatment options for these young girls, and prompt professional treatment at a rehabilitation center can help sufferers recover from disordered eating behaviors. There are several warning signs that can help determine if an eating disorder may be a concern, and parents of young girls will want Read more [...]