Getting Kids Accustomed to Exercise and Movement

Young children are naturally energetic and playful but as they develop, it is important as a parent to ensure your kids stay active so that they can learn to see fitness and movement as something of great importance to their lives instead of something merely circumstantial. Instilling a love of fitness and general movement in them now will pay off in later life and make for a healthy and happy child while they are growing. Try these handy exercise tips to get your child moving on a daily basis.


Base activity on play

From an early age, children can make movement a part of their play and sensory development before they can even walk or move about for themselves. Certain toys that involve the use of their arms and feet for example can be a great way to keep them stimulated and allow them fun while doing so. Floor mobiles with spinning rattles and flip toys will encourage them to extend their arms and legs while fitting a baby bungee jumper to a doorway will provide both parent and child with hours of fun, whilst allowing your child a secure and free form of exercise.


Reward their activity

Each time your child has participated in any form of psychical activity, whether they have been running or dancing, let them know that you appreciate their movement by rewarding them in some way such as giving them a hug, a tickle or a high-five. After a game of tag or doing a series of star jumps together in the yard, treat them to a cool milkshake or an ice lolly.


Take them swimming

Try and take your child swimming at a very early age if you can. This is a magical way to bond with your child and the learning experiences they gain can significantly aid their sensory development and overall confidence. Mommy and baby swim classes are available to newborns and toddlers and introduce young children to the water in a safe and fun learning environment that often incorporates music and water toys for extra movement.

Keeping your young child active is such an important part of their development and a little stimulation now can make a world of difference in their later years as they grow to learn and love the notion of movement and activity as a positive reinforcement of a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Continue to encourage activity in them beyond toddler age by introducing your child to a fun outdoor toy or hobby. Not only will an entertaining hobby bring them hours of joy, but it will keep them fit and promote things like a healthy heart, proper sleeping pattern and a generally balanced routine.