Baby Milestones

The infographic is about baby milestones and the development as their babies grow.  This also focuses on the expenses that parents encounter during the first year of their baby’s life and the little things for keepsakes.  This guides new parents on what to expect from their little ones as they reach each milestones uniquely.

Most parents opt to get a baby sitter as early as 1 month of their baby’s age and as late as 12 months.  But here they will not miss out what is actually happening to their kids’ diet, physical, language and cognitive skills.  Babies are expected to need formula milk, diapers and clothing.  Parents are advised to use coupons when purchasing wipes, diapers and formula to save on it and cloth diapers are much more of a savings than the disposables.

Babies 1-5 months only need breast milk and formula milk and that is what most parents are spending for.  But when they reach the age of 6-7 months when most teeth are coming out, they will need solid food or even start from purees and chunks.  Baby sitters are already hired as early as 1 month of age of a baby and they are paid at least $5 per hour for teenagers with a little experience and $10 per hour for experienced ones.  Getting a family member to watch for the kid is what most mommy bloggers prefer and those 20 years old and above.  Even with nannies, parents expect to have an outdoor activity with their kids or travel around, play a game, sing and dance with them.