5 Signs of Disordered Eating to Look for in Young Girls

Eating disorders are in the news a great deal, and news sources often highlight the prevalence of this disease in popular young actresses and others in the media spotlight. Fortunately, there are excellent treatment options for these young girls, and prompt professional treatment at a rehabilitation center can help sufferers recover from disordered eating behaviors.

There are several warning signs that can help determine if an eating disorder may be a concern, and parents of young girls will want to become familiar with these behaviors. Knowledge of the warning signs can lead to professional treatment that may prevent more dangerous behaviors, so the list below highlights five of the most common indicators of disordered eating behavior.

Negative Body Image

Young girls who may have disordered eating habits will often obsess about their appearance. They may spend an excessive amount of time examining their bodies for flaws and imperfections. Often they will be critical of certain body parts, and may wear oversized clothes to hide these imagined imperfections.

Unusual Eating Habits

Many sufferers of disordered eating will focus continually on food, they may measure or weigh their food intake. Many will restrict their food choices to a very limited number of items, and some of these girls will often avoid eating with others.


Girls with high expectations for themselves often show signs of disordered eating,  these girls will aim for high marks in school and expect to excel at extracurricular activities. When they do not perform perfectly they are unusually upset with themselves. Pleasing others often overshadows their own wants and needs.


Excessive exercise is another indicator of a potential eating disorder. Parents may be concerned with the time spent exercising or the extreme types of exercise their child chooses, as this type of behavior can be very damaging to the body.


Many girls with disordered eating also injure themselves by cutting, burning, or hitting their bodies. This is often hidden from parents and peers with clothing, so generally, if a child is wearing unseasonably warm clothes, the parent may suspect self-harm.

It can be overwhelming to realize that a young girl has disordered eating, but parental support is critical but professional assistance is usually necessary to overcome this disorder. Rehabilitation centers are an excellent resource for concerned parents, as they provide professionals trained in the treatment of every aspect of the disorder. Parents or caregivers who suspect their child suffers from disordered eating need to contact a specialist immediately. Girls with disordered eating can return to healthy lives with the proper assistance.

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